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Choice Recommended Web Sites: Social Sciences

Recommended web sites have more description than Outstanding or Highly Recommended sites.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences include : Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and related disciplines. Some sites of interest are also in History, Communication and Reference.

AllPsych Online
a series of free general psychology e-books written by Christopher Heffner, a licensed Florida psychologist, and the Heffner Media Group. They include Psychology 101, Statistics Primer, Personality Synopsis, and Research Methods. Also included on the site are a reference section, psychiatric disorders section, a journal, online tests, psychology research, games, and a defunct psychology forums section. The articles in the journal sometimes are written by nonpsychologists interested in a particular subject. The Web page is well organized and easy to use. The texts are written in plain, easy-to-understand English.
U.S. Department of State; a new project of the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) of the US Department of State. The IIP's purpose is to support American foreign policy goals by providing policy-focused information and content....This Web site seeks to reach a global audience through new and emerging forms of communication such as mobile phones and social networks. Navigation is simple. The sections have a nearly identical and very attractive layout consisting of a main box with three or four stories related to the State Department's involvement with an issue.
Brookings Institution
A nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, the Brookings Institution conducts independent research and makes policy recommendations aimed at "strengthening American democracy; advancing the economic and social welfare, security and opportunity of all Americans; and securing a more open, safe, prosperous and cooperative international system."
Catalog of Nonprofit Literature
a searchable interface to approximately 28,000 citations for articles, books, media resources, and grey literature from the nonprofit sector. Over 65 percent of CNL's citations have abstracts or some link to full text information.
Center for Future Civic Media
MIT; site provides the following definition: Civic media is any form of communication that strengthens the social bond within a community or creates a stronger sense of civic engagement among its citizens. Civic media goes beyond news gathering and reporting....future refers to the delivery of that communication and development of those bonds principally through electronic means.
Civil Rights Digital Library
University of Georgia; an excellent resource for educators wishing to incorporate primary source material into the classroom; site materials are organized according to Events, Places, People, Topics, Media Types, Contributing Institutions, and Educator Resources; may also browse alphabetically.
The Complete World Development Report Online
from the World Bank
Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section, US Dept of Justice
the site has evolved over the years into what is now primarily a training tool and information resource for the CCIPS.
Council of Economic Advisers
The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), established by Congress in 1946, is charged with studying all aspects of the economy and recommending economic policies to the US president.....The site is ideal for following and understanding the current state of US economic policy. See related, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President of the United States; Congressional Budget Office.
Diseases of the Mind: Highlights of American Psychiatry through 1900
Permanent online exhibit from the National Library of Medicine's History of Medicine Division; throughout visitors will find illustrations and links to digitized primary sources; the site is monitored and updated regularly and a printer-friendly version of each section is available.
Economic Mobility Project : An Initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts
a joint research initiative between six think tanks across the political spectrum, has generated new findings regarding the extent and nature of socioeconomic mobility in America; funded as a four-year project, it is scheduled to produce new research reports through June 2010, thereafter it may become a static site.
The Economy : Crisis & Response
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has created an attractive, informative site that communicates to a wide audience the reasons for the current financial crisis.
International Criminal Court
This Web site makes a good supplement to the raft of books already available on the International Criminal Court (ICC). Produced by the court and appearing in English and French, it is clearly a useful addition since it is authoritative and current.
JUSTNET: Justice Technology Information Network
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC), part of the National Institute of Justice's Office of Science and Technology, a research and development agency of the US Department of Justice. The site covers 18 major topics including Body Armor, Less-Lethal Technologies, Crime Mapping, and School Safety. This is the premier resource for technology information in criminal justice--well organized and easy to navigate.
Kids Count Data Center
provides access to data from hundreds of measures of child well-being; Data are provided in simple forms with statistics that include percentages and raw numbers. In addition to retrieving individual state information, users may compare data on various measures across the states. Within each presentation, sources from which the data were extracted and the organization that provided the data are clearly available, giving strong provenance to the information's origins.
Mapping the Measure of America
this site uses a straightforward 10-point scale to measure the "well-being of America," which is defined by three major factors: health, education, and income. Data are displayed through interactive, color-coded maps of the US.
Metropolitan and Urban Trends in the U.S.
New America Media
Founded in 1996 by alternative news outlet Pacific News Service, NAM is "dedicated to bringing voices of the marginalized--ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people, elderly--into the national discourse." News reported from ethnic communities is more reality based, with more distinctions as to what is important.... NAM receives English-translated content from 700-plus ethnic media partners, making it the largest collaboration of ethnic news organizations. NAM makes this content, along with the work of its own writers and editors, available at no cost to media partners and on a cost basis to mainstream media.
Open Jurist
gives access to almost 650,000 published court opinions without charge. Those last two words are an important part of the site's mission statement. Here users may access the opinions of the US Supreme Court and the regional courts of appeals at no cost.
Pew Financial Reform Project
Independent, nonprofit organization. The Economic Policy Group's Financial Reform Project, was formed in response to the ongoing financial crisis, [and] "brings a nonpartisan, fact-based approach to reforming and modernizing the financial sector."
Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects
This free resource features about 180 projects spanning a variety of disciplines. The site offers the user the option of browsing by subject / category, by project title or by keyword.
Small Arms Survey
on the elusive global trade in small arms, so-called light weapons, ammunition, and related equipment is remarkably relevant to a wide range of users, from criminal justice professionals to scholars, researchers, activists, and policy makers. Small arms are crucial to international and civil violence, conflicts, and crime. The well-regarded research center of the Swiss-based Graduate Institute of International Studies produces the most authoritative data, information, publications, and references on weapons types, identification categories, political and social effects, and both official legal and illicit or informal transaction networks. Timely country case studies and important topics such as the role of arms brokers are presented, and means of arms control are fully discussed as well.
State of the News Media 2010
the electronic version of the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. As one reviewer said, "Not quite a one-stop media shopping site, but useful."
A List Apart
An online magazine that covers Web content and development, including design, standards, coding, and accessibility issues. A number of editors run the site and accept submitted articles based on the magazine's stated guidelines. It is a great publication for practictioners, but not for the beginner or casual Web Desinger, since some of the article discussions are quite technical.
MacWorld AppGuide
see also MacWorld AppGuide : Essential Collections
Developed by an online media company, SitePoint Solutions (Melbourne, Australia), this is a useful resource for academic social media developers and web site builders. Even at first glance the site demonstrates good Web design. The site makes good use of social media, and the tools it offers will benefit those who are interested in making their social media sites worthy of return visits.