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Choice Recommended Web Sites: Business and Economics

Recommended web sites have more description than Outstanding or Highly Recommended sites.

Business and Economics Sites
created by Harold Averkamp, who has worked as an accountant, a consultant, and a university accounting professor; he succeeds in producing a very good site for basic information and for quick reference or refresher.
a .com site with many free resources; heavy advertising does give the page a cluttered look; see especially the "Resources and Training" category; UTPB does not pay any fees associated with the site
American Customer Satisfaction Index
Developed by a team of researchers at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) "is an economic indicator based on modeling of customer evaluations of the quality of goods and services purchased in the United States..."
Annual Reports Service
Offers free annual reports sponsored by the companies participating in PrecisionIR Annual Reports Service; hundreds of companies but does not overlap much with PRARS (see link below) so use both sites. For both services submission of an order to view the annual report means that users are consenting to their data being transferred to the provider of the selected annual report.
BEA : Regional Economic Accounts
provides in-depth economics statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce
Biznar: Deep Web Business Search - beta
Uses a federated search technology from Deep Web Technologies, a supplier of custom federated search solutions, to facilitate searching for high-quality business resources. Biznar provides an informative self-guided tour that explains the details of the search process. Users will discover that, as with many other specialized Web Search engines, some results supply only a free abstract and require payment for the full article.
knowledge-based resource; global guide to business and sustainable development (BSD); site is useful because of the wealth of sustainability material specifically packaged for a business audience
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Economy at a Glance
Well-organized site; provides easily accessible and readable data on unemployment rates, average hourly earnings, consumer price index, and producer price index. Data available for the national level and 4 major regions, please each state and many metropolitan service areas (MSA). Updates occur anytime the BLS receives new data, typically numerous times each month. This is a useful quick overview.
Selected Business Ethics Sites
BELL: The Business Ethics Links Library
William M. White Business Library, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
exceptionally well-organized resource, whose subtitle reads "tracking the positive and negative impacts of over 4000 companies worldwide," provides hourly updates on business ethics and human rights news and reports
Business Daily
One of the largest international news sites on the Internet, Business Daily provides a great overview of current business and economic news from around the globe. The Archive section allows users to view news published on a particular day; also has video, radio and pictures that are accessible and downloadable directly from the site.
Business Data You Can Use
This portal attempts to present the massive amount of data contained in the US Census Bureau's Economic Census (a profile of American business prepared every five years) in a more user-friendly form....Despite the site's updated design, visitors will still need to spend time to understand where data are located....For additional data, users may want to consult other US Census Bureau sites such as Business and Industry  or Industry Snapshots from the Economic Census
Business Plan Center
Produced by Business Resource Software Inc., this site provides access to a wide range of resources on planning and expanding a business. The Business Plan Samples section features award-winning plans including sample business plans entered in the Moot Corp Competition at the University of Texas at Austin. They are presented so others can view and learn from these sample plans; the ideas presented belong to their authors.
Business Wire
a great resource for keeping up with breaking company and industry news. A subsidiary of the Warren Buffet-led holding company Berkshire Hathaway, the site makes its content available for free or through free registration.
Council of Economic Advisors
The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), established by Congress in 1946, is charged with studying all aspects of the economy and recommending economic policies to the US president. As time has evolved, . . . , the site makes accessible relevant economic documents, reports, and indicators for the current administration....The navigation links on this page are intuitively labeled, the main ones being Speeches and Testimony, Fact Sheets and Reports, Economic Report, and Economic Indicators....See related, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President of the United States; Congressional Budget Office
Columbia Historical Corporate Reports Online Collection
provides free access to reports of companies doing business or headquartered in New York City and environs between 1849 and the early 1960s. 36 companies and 770 individual reports; most of the reports and annual reports; the two earliest reports come from the New York and New Haven Railroad Company (1849) and the New York Central Railroad Company (1855).
Deloitte's International Tax and Business Guides
sponsored by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and developed in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit; 120 countries and jurisdictions covered at one or more of three levels--basic contact information, highlights fact sheets, and a lengthy and detailed Tax and Business Guide. Highlight-level information is provided for 112 areas and third-level "Tax and Business Guides" are provided for 48 entities.
Economic Mobility Project : An Initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts
a joint research initiative between six think tanks across the political spectrum, has generated new findings regarding the extent and nature of socioeconomic mobility in America; funded as a four-year project, it is scheduled to produce new research reports through June 2010, thereafter it may become a static site.
The Economy : Crisis & Response
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; this is an attractive, informative site that communicates to a wide audience the reasons for the current financial crisis. The site is rich with interactive charts, graphs, video, audio, call-outs, RSS Feeds and ready-made social tags, giving it a very Web 2.0 look. However, there is no search feature.
Launched by Entrepreneur Media, a leading publisher of entrepreneurship magazines and books, Entrepreneur contains original content and current, relevant resources related to starting and running a small business.
Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business Information
Compiled by Robert M. Jackson, the business reference specialist at the Library of Congress
Finance Resources on the Web
In 2004 and 2005 this site was a Choice Outstanding Academic Web Site, however, as the site has grown the ability of the editor and creator to keep all its hundreds of links up-to-date has diminished, thus this year it became a Choice Recommended Academic Web Site. It is still easy to navigate, and contains many unique links.
Financial Capability Study
Supported by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, which strives to teach financial literacy skills to underserved populations. Three surveys were conducted: a national telephone survey of 1,488 American adults; a state-by-state online survey of more than 28,000 American adults; and a survey of 800 military service members and their spouses. These surveys provide a wealth of data....Particularly valuable are the links to the methodology summary and full data tables. Data tables and raw data may be downloaded for further analysis.
Financial Crisis News Center
Developed and maintained by CCH publications, a major publisher of tax, legal and business information; provides news updates and links to information on the current financial crisis; site makes very good use of current technology; users can subscribe to the site via email or RSS feed.
IDEAS : Economics and finance Research
hosted by the Univ. of Connecticut, Dept of Economics with material drawn from the international RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) database in an effort to "further disseminate economic research"  ; provides access to thousands of working papers, journal articles, book chapters, open-access books, and a selection of economics-related software.
IFRS : (International Accounting Standards Board)
The site's search function scours the entire site for information and brings back results in a variety of formats: HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF....The IFRS site provides quality information but the initial page is quite busy. However, it is fairly user-friendly, easy to navigate, and an important resource for accounting information.
Institute for Public Relations
an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1956. Its mission is to educate and inform PR practitioners, educators, researchers, and clients. A subset of materials entitled The Essential Knowledge Project is a clearinghouse of current research on key topics.
Insurance Information Institute
The site's extensive insurance glossary provides concise definitions. There is a wealth of information and research data here for anyone interested in the insurance industry or insurance-related issues.
MacWorld AppGuide
see also MacWorld AppGuide : Essential Collections
Toronto-based Klebanoff Associates, the sponsor of this site, is a small marketing consulting firm that also produces marketing materials, writes copy, and plans presentations for others. MarcommWise provides articles, book reviews, a glossary of marketing terms, profitability calculators, links to other resources, and a bookstore powered by Articles have "a particular emphasis on marketing communications" and are alphabetically arranged from Ad Agency Relationship to Writing....A comparable source, but with more articles, is Laura Lake's Marketing provides more links to other resources, as well as articles and tutorials. has a large number of online advertisements. However, it is easy to navigate, and marketing students will find it useful.
published by Watershed Publishing staff in conjunction with staff responsible for a couple of the company's other online business publications; the major drawback to the site is the overly trendy, difficult to navigate home page; the site does contain free, downloadable marketing charts and spreadsheets, and they are all very current--nothing more than 3 months old--but the confusing design means users will have to dig to find what they want
Open Development
World Bank provides free access to more than 2,000 indicators related to economics and development through the Open Data initiative   Open Development is a related site which aggregates key examples of the Bank's work in promoting openness and transparency in development, from tools and knowledge resources to Bank-wide initiatives.
The Penn World Tables 6.2
Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, U of Toronto   Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 188 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2004. The European Union or the OECD provide more detailed purchasing power and real product estimates for their countries and the World Bank makes current price estimates for most PWT countries at the GDP level.  Data retrieval is fast and data are easy to read, but the site does not have a mechanism to export the data, or help screens for users.
Pew Financial Reform Project
Independent, nonprofit organization. The Economic Policy Group's Financial Reform Project, was formed in response to the ongoing financial crisis, [and] "brings a nonpartisan, fact-based approach to reforming and modernizing the financial sector."
PRARS: the Public Register's Annual Report Service
From Bay Tact Corporation, provides free annual reports, prospectuses, and 10Ks for public companies. See also Annual Reports Service above. For both services submission of an order to view the annual report means that users are consenting to their data being transferred to the provider of the selected annual report.
Market research site maintained by Decision Analyst Inc., this is a quick guide to data sources for the broad topic of marketing. There is no shortage of similar commercial reliable authoritative Internet sites, but these generally do not provide as much free information as this site. The site is simply designed and easy to use.
Social Media Examiner
Launched in October 2009 as a free online magazine; the magazine is designed specifically to help businesses launch and grow a social media presence.
Statistics for Specific Industries
This well-planned Web site provides information from federal government agencies on seven major industries. The industries are: agriculture, banking, energy, environment, health and safety, housing, and transportation.
Tax Statistics
a section of the IRS site; the site provides a huge amount of information about taxes and the tax systems and is an ideal place to begin if doing research on taxes. This site provides quality information and, although somewhat cluttered, is fairly user-friendly and easy to navigate. All pages include a date last reviewed or updated, so users can immediately determine page currency.
Virtual Finance Library from Ohio State University
Originally tied to a specific course taught by a specific faculty member at Ohio State, the site has expanded to include materials for both undergraduates and graduates. Use it in combination with Wachowicz's Web World, and Finance Resources on the Web both linked in the list above.
Wachowicz's Web World: Web Sites for Discerning Finance Students
Finance portal similar to Finance Resources on the Web (see above); a smaller portal but its links are more consistently up-to-date.
Web Marketing Today
Established by Dr. Ralph Wilson in 1995 and now produced by a team of editors and columnists, this site offers a broad range of accurate, up-to-date information dealing with Internet marketing and e-commerce. It is well organized and easy to navigate, it loads quickly....The Articles and Videos sections provide a vast amount of content on various topics, e.g., ads, conversion, design, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, linking, local marketing, marketing tools, social media, and Web analytics.
Young Money
This informative, user-friendly site, geared to young adults, focuses on but is not limited to money management, entrepreneurship, careers, investing, technology, and travel.