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Types of Periodicals: Journals of Opinion and Commentary

Compares and contrasts types of periodicals and their use.

Journals of Opinion & Commentary

Type of Periodical - Journal of Opinion

Examples Atlantic; Commentary; New Republic; Commonweal
Topics Opinions on social, political, & cultural issues; often has a specific viewpoint--liberal/conservative; also offers interviews, dialogues, book reviews
Authors Professional and freelance writers; specialists
Language well written; aimed at the educated reader
Sources Rarely cited in full
Graphics Usually limited upscale advertising
Publishers Commercial (for-profit); Non-profit
E-Access Tools Academic OneFile; ProQuest Research Library; Wilson OmniFile Mega Full Text; Academic Source Complete
Indexes Academic OneFileAcademic Search Complete OmniFile Full Text MegaProQuest Research Library; Reader's Guide Full Text; Reader's Guide Retrospective, 1890-1982