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Types of Periodicals: Journals of Research & Scholarship

Compares and contrasts types of periodicals and their use.

Journals of Research & Scholarship

Type of Periodicals - Scholarly Journals

Examples American Historical Review; Journal of Economic Issues; Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport; American Journal of Human Biology
Topics In depth analysis; reports research findings and experiments; information about disciplines and scholars; extensive, evaluative book reviews
Authors Researchers; Scholars; Academics
Language Graduate level language; professional vocabulary / jargon; written for peers
Sources Extensive documentation
Graphics Tables, Figures, Charts; advertising is rare
Publishers Professional organizations; University presses; Research institutes
E-Access Tools Scholarly full-image projects -- JSTOR, Project Muse, PAO; Publisher's full-image journals -- e.g. ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library 
Indexes Scholarly; e.g. MLA, PsycINFO, Humanities Full Text (Wilson), Social Sciences Full Text (Wilson); ScienceDirect; Wiley Online Library [science, some social science]