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LC Classification System - Call Numbers at UTPB: What is a call number ?

Library of Congress classification system, A-H; J-N, P-Z

What is a call number? Where can I locate material?

Simply the call number is the address of a book on the shelf. Most academic and research libraries use a system abbreviated as the LC (Library of Congress) system to address books. The Library of Congress classification system organizes books and other library materials by subject, to make it easier for you to browse the shelves for materials on a specific topic. Library of Congress call numbers always begin with letters of the alphabet. The letters identify the subject of the work.

In the LC system, the first letter of the call number indicates the general subject area. The second letter indicates the specific sub-section within the general subject category. In the example given below, the first D in the call number indicates that the book is a work of history. The second D indicates that it is a work of German history.





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In the LC system, works of fiction are assigned call numbers in the same was as nonfiction.  Most works of fiction can be found in the call number area for literature--that is the P's.  With one exception circulating material whether fiction or nonfiction is located on the 2nd floor of the Dunagan Library; the exception is a section called "leisure reading" which can be found on the first floor on the north (window) wall.