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Engineering Sources - Selected: General Engineering

General Engineering

Chemical Engineering 

What is Chemical Engineering? from
CFD Online 
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 
Cross-Connection Control / Backflow Prevention 
University of Southern California
Digital Rights Management 
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
Electronic Circuit Libraries, etc. 
Electronics Reference: Circuit Archives Closed as of March 17, 2017, now a static mirror site.
Geotechnical Engineering -WWW-VL
Global Fluid Power Society
Industrial Engineering Resources 
Clemson; good general information page
INIS : International Nuclear Information System 
from the International Atomic Energy Agency; 

the world's largest database of nuclear scientific/technical literature, covers a broad range of subjects in the areas of nuclear engineering, safeguards, and nonproliferation. The database contains over three million bibliographic citations and abstracts in 63 languages from a wide range of publications. Included are journal articles (13,500-plus journal titles are indexed), scientific/technical reports, conference papers, books, patents, theses, laws, regulations/standards, and Web documents. INIS has over 200,000 full-text documents (many are not readily available elsewhere). Institutions with subscriptions to the database's electronic journals can access the full text of journal articles via DOI (digital object identifier) links. The database was made available free to all Internet users in April 2009.

Laser Physics and Technology 
The Materials Gateway : Materials Research Society 
Choice Outstanding site;

...provides comprehensive, current materials science and engineering information, organized in an accessible format. It is one of the biggest and most far-reaching sites of its type.... links to many leading journals in science and engineering, some of which provide full access to current issues; links to more than 100 private, government, and national laboratories; summaries of current and state-of-the-art research in multiple areas of materials science engineering and related fields; and links to numerous online resources and educational information....

MIT Open CourseWare : Principles of Engineering Practice 
Engineering can be a difficult subject; This fine course from MIT's OpenCourseWare presents materials from the spring 2010 version of Professor Lionel C. Kimerling's "Principles of Engineering Practice"
Natural Renewable Energy Laboratory 
Official site of the NREL, a laboratory of the US Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The site has an easy to navigate design, and is an important resource for anyone doing research about renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering 
University of Texas at Austin 
It is the online equivalent of a paper trade journal. The site offers standard articles about the industry, job ads, and company ads as well as press releases, podcasts, blogs, videos, and a calendar. Of particular interest to businesses is the Finance section that pulls together the top 40 renewable energy companies ...Major sections on the main page include Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Bioenergy, and Hydropower. The articles in these sections are not how-to articles, and there is a strong international component to the material covered. This international information, which is frequently hard to find, helps to make this a valuable resource for those interested in energy issues throughout the world.. 
The TeachEngineering website is a resource for teachers who seek to make engineering concepts come to life for students in grades K-12. It is also worth nothing that some of the resources are appropriate for college-level students. Funded with money from the National Science Foundation, a team of university researchers worked to create a searchable web-based digital library of free and accessible curriculum resources.
Technology Assessment 
University of Michigan: Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: Engineering
U.S. Department of Energy

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