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Copyright - basics: What Can be Copied?

In general what can be copied?

  • A chapter from a book (never the entire book).
  • An article from a periodical or newspaper, however
    never an entire issue of a journal
    never more than 5 articles from the same journal in a 12 month period
  • A short story, essay or poem.
    One work is the norm whether it comes from an individual work or an anthology.
  • A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper.

Poetry and Prose


  • Multiple copies of a poem of 250 words or less, that exist on two pages or less;
    250 words from a longer poem.


  • Multiple copies of an article, story or essay that are 2,500 words or less or
    excerpts up to 1,000 words or
    10 percent of the total work, whichever is less.


  • Multiple copies of a single chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture contained in a book or periodical issue.

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