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Services and polices regarding library instruction

How to set up Instruction for classes

The Dunagan library makes available to all students and faculty some instructional services.  There are some short details which you need to know.  Please read below for further information.

Faculty Requests

In almost all cases it is important that instructors be present during library sessions

whether in-person or online.  Library instruction can benefit everyone so this is not a time to send a class for instruction in order to attend to other duties.  We DO set up sessions for classes held any time of day or evening, provided enough notice is given including Saturday classes.  Therefore, sessions are scheduled with that in mind.  Please give consideration of the few stipulations below:

Contact the Instructional Librarian, Bobbie Williams via email at at least three business days in advance of the requested date/time.  It helps if the class will have or already has a library resource related assignment or paper.  Please let us know the course student enrollment and any pertinent topics.  In the case of groups with enrollments over 25 special consideration as to location must be given.  Many times the librarian is able to go to the classroom or visit via live webcam in order to facilitate class size, location or method.


Instructors must request that the instructional librarian be "embedded" or added to your Canvas course.

Please contact your faculty representative at the REACH office on the UTPB campus in order to facilitate this process.

Email Bobbie Williams at and establish a mutually agreed upon time; then the instructor then sets up a time for the session inside their course in Canvas and announces it to the students.  Since some students cannot be present a recording will be made to share later if the instructor wishes.  These sessions typically use the BIG BLUE BUTTON in the Canvas Conferences feature.

In most cases Bobbie Williams may be contacted via Skype for Business which all faculty/staff/students have access to.

OR via email at OR via Falcon Chat on the Big Orange Chat button right on the library homepage.  OR instructors may wish to call 432-552-2407.


Any and all students may request instructional assistance in any form they desire whether it be via email, phone, or personal consultation visit OR Falcon Chat OR live webcam via Skype for Business:

Simply email the Instruction Librarian Bobbie Williams at and set

up an appointment at their convenience.  You may also call her office directly at 432-552-2407 and speak over the phone.


Contact the library via the Big Falcon Chat button right on the front page of the library homepage:


Contact Bobbie Williams via Skype for Business using her name.  This is something which all faculty, staff, students have access to here:

Using liibrary resources