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Library Instructional Services: Citation Metasites

Services and polices regarding library instruction

Citation Metasites

Sources and Citation Choice Outstanding site
From Dartmouth University; centers on a specific audience--college students. Sources provides good information on how to cite articles from electronic journals, as well as understanding plagiarism and the processes and practices of the scholarly community.
Citation Styles 
From Bedford St. Martin's, a commercial publisher, focuses on a more general writing audience than the Sources site.
Citing Sources 
Duke University Writing Program
Style Sheets for Citing References 
University of California - Berkeley

Metasites Focused on Specific Citation Formats

APA Sites:

MLA Sites

Turabian and Chicago-Style Sites :

US Government Style Sites :

History & Humanities Sites :

In spite of the discipline specific title, this is a very comprehensive and valuable site. It is no longer updated. The author, Maurice Crouse, also allows the reproduction of this document, provided that you reproduce it in its entirety and without any modification, making it extremely convenient for teachers to use. FYI: depending on your printer the complete document / page is about 25 pages long.

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