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A word about alphabetization of titles on the web.

While libraries have traditionally standardized entries so that looking for a last name was the preferred method of finding specific entries, the web approaches the matter differently. This is because the list function in html is used very frequently and that list function ignores the alphabet and leaves it up to the individual coder to make decisions.

Many lists on the web are alphabetized and like libraries' web lists tend to ignore initial articles--a, an, the. Thereafter most web sites tend to alphabetize by initial word--i.e. rather than looking for "Grant" you would see title a like "Ulysses S. Grant Web Page". However web page authors can pretty much name a page whatever they please--thus "Great Civil War General Grant" or "Civil War General Grant," each of which would place the entry in a different place on a list. This is why search engines evolved. But remember search engines give preference to the people who are paying them to advertise--yes, this includes Google.

Remember you can use the Search function at the top of each library web page to search within the Library Guide or the Library web site to discover whether it contains the information you are looking for.

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