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Literature & Languages Guide: Other Literatures

American and British Literature; other literatures; selected reference resources.

Selected General Humanities Sites

Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research
Choice Outstanding site; the pre-eminent site for Humanities research
Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
Choice Highly Recommended site
Connie Martinson Talks Books
Choice Highly Recommended site; Claremont College's Digital Library
CPANDA: Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive
Choice Outstanding site
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Choice Highly Recommended site; University of Iowa
Reading: Harvard Views of Reading, Readership, and Reading History
Choice Highly Recommended site; Harvard University Library, Open Collections Program
World Oral Literature Project
Cambridge University; a new repository site and clearinghouse for oral literature projects and collections worldwide

Other Literatures - excluding English and Spanish

maintained by Athabasca University; Aurora began as a Canadian Literary Journal over 25 years ago. Publication of the print edition ceased in 1991, but Athabasca University began hosting an open-access online version. At the time of this review, the site included archived issues from 1987-2010. The site is easy to navigate and search, but given the comparative smallness of the archive users might prefer to browse through the tables of content of each issue.
Dante Dartmouth Project
Choice Outstanding site; A model for scholarly Web sites that seek to democratize the availability of academic information, the DDP is a perfect union of contemporary technology and hardcore, "old school" academic rigor that provides real assistance to classicists, historians, linguists, and lovers of Dante the world over.
Project director and site editor Guy Raffa (Univ. of Texas, Austin) provides the sort of multimedia experience that those in the digital humanities strive for. This site successfully combines striking visual art, expert commentary, audio recordings of significant verses, and targeted study questions. Following the structure of the Divine Comedy, Danteworlds (DW) offers a geography of the Commedia and combines the visual representations of Sandro Botticelli, William Blake, Gustave Doré, and others with insightful commentary taken from Raffa's Dante books.
Dutch Studies
WESS--indicates a site sponsored by the West European Studies Section of the Assn of College & Research Libraries
French Connection
reliable, fast-loading, user-friendly reference
French Studies Web
German Studies Web
Choice Highly Recommended site; (WESS)--indicates a site sponsored by the West European Studies Section of the Assn of College & Research Libraries
Iberian Studies Web
Choice Highly Recommended site; WESS
Italian Studies Web
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
A fast-loading, full-text, electronic collection that is international in scope but particularly rich in Nordic/Germanic selections
International Children's Digital Library : A Library for the World's Children
Choice Outstanding site; Before being accepted for the collection, each book is carefully scrutinized. The collection now contains more than 10,000 digitized children's books in 54 languages--including many award-winning books--and boasts users in more than 166 countries with more than a million visits since 2002.
Islamic Heritage Project
Harvard; Choice Highly Recommended site
Japanese Text Initiative
Choice Highly Recommended site; University of Virginia.
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Online Text Collections in Western European Literature
Open Books Page
Choice Outstanding site; University of Pennsylvania Libraries; lists and links over 35,000 free books on the web
Project Runeberg
Nordic Literature
Reading Women Writers and African Literature
Choice Outstanding site; Francophone African women writers
Scandinavian Studies Web
Western European Studies Section
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
Choice Outstanding site; University of Tennessee - Martin
West European Studies Section (WESS)
Choice Highly Recommended site; ALA; Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

Selected Language Sites

Aboriginal Languages of Australia
AcademicInfo: Foreign Language Study
Endangered Languages
Endangered Languages of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia UNESCO
Omniglot : Writing Systems & Languages of the World Links to/about endangered languages‚Äč
Foreign Language Videos
This Web site is a collection of short video clips of native speakers of various languages providing samples of their speech related to a variety of topics, especially culture and daily life. This free Web site's stated intent is to serve educational and research purposes; it is intended for use by individuals.
iLoveLanguages: Guide to Languages on the Web
Choice Highly Recommended site; a comprehensive catalogue of more than 2000 language-related web sites
the goal is to "provide materials in languages less-commonly offered by colleges and universities in the United State" and "authentic materials depicting differences in regional dialects and language-usage among speakers of the most commonly taught languages worldwide." Some links are restricted to the participating colleges, but most of the site links are freely accessible.
A free, evolving language-learning tool offered in 19 languages (at this writing), this Web site is, according to its home page, a nonprofit enterprise that "aims to develop three types of resources: pictorial vocabulary guides, interactive readings, and grammar guides."

Classical Languages

Getty; Choice Highly Recommended site
Classics Studies Web
Choice Highly Recommended; West European Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries
Classics Unveiled
started in 1997 by Jason Tsang and others and continually maintained; most recent update March 2011
Classical Studies
University of Florida Libraries LibGuide
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
CSL is a gateway to classical texts and translations ranging from antiquity to neo-Latinists active in the 18th century -- and it aspires to include reference works and other secondary resources such as commentaries, articles, and images.
Didaskalia : The Journal for Ancient Performances
In 2011 Randolph College became the hosting and publishing institution of this long-lasting (1994+) online journal
Greek Mythology Link
Choice Outstanding site
The Library of Congress Resources for Greek and Latin Classics
now referred to as the Alcove 9 Virtual library site
Perseus Digital Library
Tufts University
see especially the Translations category

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