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Literature & Languages Guide: American Literature

American and British Literature; other literatures; selected reference resources.

American Literature

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
Choice Highly Recommended site
The American Academy of Poets
American Authors
a good resource for undergraduate non-majors
American Verse Project
University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative
Anglistik Guide: Germany
Anglistik Guide is a subject gateway to scholarly relevant Internet resources on Anglo-American language and literature. The guide is part of the Literature section in the Virtual Library of Anglo-American Culture (VLib-AAC). All resources are described and evaluated with a full set of Dublin Core enhanced metadata. New resources are continuously added to the record database, already catalogued ones regularly revisited and updated.
The Black Renaissance in Washington, D.C., 1920s-1930s
funded by the Carnegie Foundation; Choice Outstanding site
The Carsons McCullers Project
information on McCullers is not available on the web to any great extent; this site is the best, but needs to be used with caution
Celebration of Women Writers
University of Pennsylvania
Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Choice Highly Recommended site
Contemporary American Poetry Archives
An electronic archive designed to make [a selection of] out-of-print volumes of poetry available to readers, scholars, and researchers. : An Electronic Eugene O'Neill Archive
well-designed, graphically pleasing web site; Choice Highly Recommended site
Early Americas Digital Archive, 1492- c. 1802
Choice Outstanding site; University of Maryland
Edgar Allan Poe Digital Collection
The site offers researchers a lot of unique manuscripts, articles, and Poeiana in a user-friendly format
The Edith Wharton Society
Emily Dickinson Electronic Archive
Choice Outstanding site
The Emily Dickinson International Society
Emily Dickinson - The Complete [published] Poems : Great Books Online
Emma Goldman Papers
F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary
University of South Carolina; an exhibit from 1996, updated 2002
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
begun 1994 in print then placed online; a large collection of bibliographies and checklists--recommended reading lists, author indexes, critical works, Web sites--related to feminist science fiction and fantasy; a wealth of information on this specialized but popular topic
The Jack London Online Collection
Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center, Sonoma State University
Library of Southern Literature
material published before 1924; Choice Outstanding site; University of North Carolina
Literature and Culture of the American 1950s
Choice Outstanding site; University of Pennsylvania
Luminarium : Toni Morrison's Page
Herman Melville (1819-1891)
ipl2 : Herman Melville : Nineteenth-Century American Children & What They Read
The site offers transcriptions and images from a variety of 19th-century children's books and magazines; Dr. Pat Pflieger (English, Univ. of Pennsylvania) the sites author argues that children's books and magazines from this period are important because they are what 19th-century American citizens, voters, and politicians read in their most impressionable years. This site offers far more contextual information than other sites.
The Mississippi Writers Page
Choice Outstanding site; an internet guide to Mississippi writers; e.g. William Faulkner, John Grisham; Eudora Welty; Shelby Foote; Walker Percy and many other outstanding writers.
PAL : Perspectives in American Literature - a Research Guide
Choice Outstanding site
The Paris Reviews : The Interviews
Choice Outstanding site
Representative Poetry Online
supported by the University of Toronto; Choice Highly Recommended site
Storytellers : Native American Authors Online
Steinbeck Studies : The Martha Heasley Cox Center
Twentieth-Century Poetry in English
116 poets
Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture 
Choice Outstanding site
The Walt Whitman Archive
Choice Highly Recommended site
The Willa Cather Archive
Choice Outstanding site; one reviewer described it as a "splendid archive!"; the site is by far the most careful and complete guide to Cather; organized and sponsored by the University of Nebraska; the site covers all important aspects of Cather research
Victorian Women Writers Project
Indiana University; Choice Outstanding site; begun in 1995 the site is primarily concerned with the exposure of lesser-known British women writers of the 19th century
Web of American Transcendentalism
supported by Virginia Commonwealth University; provides a comprehensive overview of primary sources and recent secondary research
Women in Print : Essays on the Print Culture of American Women from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
edited by James P. Danky and Wayne A. Wiegand; print version published by University of Wisconsin Press; Choice Highly Recommended site
Wright American Fiction, 1851-1875
a collection of 19th century American fiction as listed in Lyle Wright's bibliography American Fiction, 1851-1875;   currently there are 2,287 volumes; Indiana University Digital Library Program
Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress
Choice Outstanding site

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