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Engineering Guide: Intro


This guide provides links to J. Conrad Dunagan Library Engineering resources as well as a selection of Engineering Websites. Please explore the tabs at the top of this guide, and use the databases and websites to find full-text articles and data on Aeronautical, Chemical, Mechanical, Nuclear, and Petroleum Engineering. 

Your reference librarians are available to assist you with your research, essay writing and citation. Please start your search from the library collection/Falcon Finder.

Research Tips

For research tips, please go to Reference and Instruction Guide.

News and Request

The Library has frequent purchases of new resources such as Books, EBooks, Journals and Databases. Please let us know if you think a resource must be added to the collection. To request for the purchase of resources, please fill out this form and submit it.

New Engineering resources added to the library collection in June 2019


Petroleum Engineering Guidebook: Designed for the Professional Engineer, by M. David Dammeyer, PE (M. David Dammeyer, 2018)   TN 870.D36 2018 no.3



Biomedical Engineering Challenges: A Chemical Engineering Insight, by Vincenzo Piemonte (John Wiley, 2018)

Polysaccharide‐Based Fibers and Composites: Chemical and Engineering Fundamentals and Industrial Applications, by Lucian Lucia (Springer, 2018)

Advanced Numerical Simulations in Mechanical Engineering, by Ashwani Kumar (Engineering Science Reference, 2018)

Design and Optimization of Mechanical Engineering Products, K. Kumar & J. Paulo Davim (Engineering Science Reference, 2018)

Engineering Dynamics, by Cho W. S. To (Morgan & Claypool, 2018) Career in Mechanical Engineering, by Leanne Currie‐McGhee (ReferencePoint Press, Inc, 2018) CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering, by Raj P. Chhabra (CRC Press, 2018)

Engineering Optical Networks, by Sudhir Warier (Artech House, 2018)

Coastal Engineering: Processes, Theory and Design Practice, by Dominic Reeve (CRC Press, 2018)

LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook, by Xincheng Zhang (John Wiley, 2018)

 Handbook of Green Chemistry; v. 12: Green Chemical Engineering, by Alexei A. Lapkin (Wiley‐VCH, 2018)

Handbook of Material Weathering, by George Wypych (Chemtec Publishing, 2018)

Chemical Resistance of Thermosets, by Erwin Baur (William Andrew Publishing, 2018)

Handbook of Research on Ergonomics and Product Design, by Juan Luis Hernandex Arellano (Engineering Science Reference, 2018)

Imperial College Lectures in Petroleum Engineering; v.3: Topics in Reservoir Management, by Deryck Bond (World Scientific, 2018)

Oilfield Chemistry and its Environmental Impact, by Henry A. Craddock (Wiley, 2018)

Solving Real World Problems with Electrical Engineering, by Laura Loria (Brittannica Educational Publishing, 2016)

Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, by Andreas Bartel, Markus Clemens, Michael Günther, and E. Jan W. ter Maten (Springer International Publishing, 2016)

Petroleum Spills in the Marine Environment: The Chemistry and Formation of Water‐in‐Oil Emulsions and Tar Balls, by James R. Payne & Charles R. Phillips (CRC Press, 2018)

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