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Education Guide (General)

General Education, K-12, Children's Literature

Science Education

American Nuclear Society, Founded in 1954, ANS is a not-for-profit international, scientific, and educational organization. The core purpose of the society is to "promote the awareness and understanding of the application of nuclear science and technology." The site is easy to navigate, and contact information is clearly visible.....Students from middle school through college, as well as teachers and the general public, will find this information of value. From this reviewer's perspective, the ANS is achieving its vision--being the "recognized credible advocate for advancing and promoting nuclear science and technology."

Astrobiology MagazineThe section "Great Debates" continually changes, giving access to a wide range of current topics. The site has a link to NASA with an excellent search function that allows quick access to topics not covered by the magazine, and an equally excellent search function that allows users to access any recent or past topic covered by the magazine.

BioEdOnline: Biology Teacher Resources

Cool Science, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI); the sites content is organized by topics accessed through six clearly illustrated buttons: "For Educators, Biointeractive, For Curious Kids, Science Education Alliance, Ask a Scientist, and Becoming a Scientist." a really excellent resource for science teachers

Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology

Digital Video Library ,The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has created the Digital Video Library to provide math and science educators with a wide variety of video content that presents sound educational theory hand-in-hand with research and case studies

Energy Information Administration , Official energy statistics from the US government

eXtension ,a unique, valuable free site which is a collaboration of 74 US universities. The site offers highly credible expert advice, data and tools, news, research and learning opportunities to students, educators, researchers, and the general public. A unique feature of eXtension is the Ask an Expert section, which allows users to query specialists who know their subject matter inside out.

Federation of American Scientists ,Choice Outstanding site; a well-respected advocacy and advising organization. It was founded by members of the Manhattan Project to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. Since 1945, FAS has extended its interests beyond the arms race to biomedical technology, information security, government secrecy, education, and energy efficiency.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, Designed and hosted by the American Museum of Natural History

Genetics Home Reference, a top-notch, consumer-oriented online resource from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Global Change Master Directory 

How Volcanoes Work Dr. Vic Camp, Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University.

HTML Code Tutorial, subtitled The Power of Code and the Knowledge to Use It

Imagine the Universe ! Dictionary, Choice Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates studying science education, students in grades 7-12, K-12 educators, and general audience.

Interactivate a fine collection of constructivist middle-school and upper-elementary activities, complete with teaching strategies, worksheets, and online applets. Each lesson includes an abstract and objectives, tie-ins with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards, and clearly presented instructions for teachers' advance preparation. Importantly, even student worksheets are provided. ,&nabsp;This project, a result of collaboration between the Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania and the College of Education at Temple University, is a portal for science students and teachers to Web-based learning tools that have been reviewed and analyzed by scientists and science educators. Organized according to the National Science Education Standards from the National Academy of Sciences, these types of learning tools include simulations, inquiry-based lessons, visual lessons, imaging, interactive Web lessons, and real-time data collection.

Math Forum @ Drexel : People Learning Math Together , achieves its ambitious mission of enriching and supporting mathematics teaching and learning by offering high-quality accessible online information, as well as support for teachers through online communities.

Microbial Life--Educational Resources ,Carleton College

NASA Homepage 

National Academies—Where the Nation Turns for Independent, Expert Advice,  Choice Outstanding site; The National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council (NRC) cooperate to provide a Web site that incorporates up-to-date information for the public about the broad range of science, technology, and health policy issues.

National Climatic Data Center

Nature Online Video Streaming Archive ,Sponsored by the journal Nature, this is a treasure trove of well-made, informative, and educational videos that feature summaries of research as detailed by the scientists who conducted the work.

NOVA: The Elegant Universe

Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Videos

Physics to Go

Primate Info Net, a treasury of science information provided by various US government agencies

SIMBAD Astronomical Database Provides basic data, cross-identifications, bibliography and measurements for astronomical objects outside the solar system

Society of Women Engineers

Transistorized!: The History of the Invention of the Transistor

Understanding Science, a free-access Internet resource funded by the National Science Foundation; he site contains three main sections: Understanding Science 101 (with eight subsections discussing various aspects of science), For Teachers (grouped by grade level from K-16), and Resource Library (containing FAQs, tips/guides, and links to other sources).

US Environmental Protection Agency,  In the past 18 months, the EPA has improved the appearance and usability of its site. The new home page features relevant, current information and provides the public with quick access to many popular environmental subjects.

Water Resources of the United States

The Why Files ,Choice Outstanding site; In existence since 1996, The Why Files, supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is an award-winning, informative, educational, and entertaining Web site that looks at the science behind the headlines. Unlike many instantaneous news sites, The Why Files, through its In the News articles, takes an in-depth, well-researched approach to analyzing issues pertaining to science, math, technology, health, and the environment.