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Visual and Performing Arts Guide: Film Websites

Theater and Dance; Film; Music; Communications

Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a web-based digital video delivery platform that allows you to view streaming videos from Films Media Group anytime, anywhere, 24/7! Many subject areas are covered. Cite it as a source for your next paper.


AFI Online
AMC : Greatest Films 
This Web site, a masterful accomplishment recognized by none other than Roger Ebert, is the brainchild of Tim Dirks, whose wide-ranging education and experience as teacher, administrator, and even museum curator (Computer History Museum and the Tech Museum of Innovation) have informed its design. He is the quintessential fan. At the site's core is Tips on Film Viewing. Dirks follows his own viewing suggestions to create interpretive and descriptive plot outlines, with production notes and historical references for over 300 key films, garnished with lobby cards and poster graphics.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
All Movie Guide 
Choice Recommended site
Archive of American Television 
Choice Highly Recommended site; The Archive of American Television has been conducting video-recorded interviews with well-established television professionals since 1997. The majority of these 600-plus interviews are now available for viewing online.
Black Film Center/Archive 
Indiana University
Black Film Research Online 
University of Chicago 
Choice Highly Recommended site; a Web site "that serves as an essential learning space dedicated to aspects of film sound"; included are links to articles (from practical to scholarly) on how sound is used in films; also links to articles on the history of film sound; a bibliography; lists and links of resources on related topics such as film music and sound in animated films.
The Internet Movie Database 
increasingly a site with heavy advertising
Internet Moving Images Archive 
Choice Highly Recommended site
Just Watch US
On JustWatch you can easily find out where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows in the United States.
Masters of Cinema 
Graphically attractive, informative, and user friendly this site focuses on but is not limited to the work of major world directors. There is a good balance of international films and US movies, with overall emphasis on the achievements of the filmmakers and the films themselves.
Movie Review Query Engine
National Film Board of Canada 
Choice Highly Recommended site
Open Vault: WGBH Media Library and Archives 
Boston public broadcasting station WGBH has long produced award-winning television programming. For many years, its Media Library and Archives has preserved, cataloged, and made available the source materials used in producing these programs. Open Vault, an Andrew Mellon Foundation-funded project, attempts to make portions of this extensive archive available online, including selected interviews, stock footage, and short program segments.
Public Moving Image Archives and Research Centers
The Silent Era 
Choice Outstanding site
Who's Who of Victorian Cinema 
Choice Highly Recommended site; Comprehensive, no other cite on early cinema approaches the precision and sheer volume of information contained on this site; navigation is easy and intuitive

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