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Visual and Performing Arts Guide: Music Websites

Theater and Dance; Film; Music; Communications


Choice Highly Recommended site
AMG All-Music Guide
Choice Highly Recommended site
America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets
Choice Highly Recommended site
Archival Sound Recordings from the British Library
Choice Highly Recommended site; Where copyright permits, users in the US may listen to nearly 12,000 items in the following collections: British wildlife recordings; Decca West African recordings; early spoken word recordings; ethnographic wax cylinders; music from India; traditional music in England and many other sounds, both musical and non-musical.
Bach Bibliography
Choice Highly Recommended site
Blues Archive
University of Mississippi
Blues Gospel: Now What a Time, 1938-1943
Choice Highly Recommended site
Center for Black Music Research
The Choral Public Domain Library
now managed as a wiki; 3,500 choral scores in the public domain
Geared primarily toward classical music record collectors, nevertheless this site offers an impressive collection of information on Western art music. The author Dave Lampson has devoted a great deal of time and energy to the site over the years (site began 1999). An internal search engine and a composer index aid navigation.
Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project
Choice Highly Recommended site; Preservation of wax, resin and other types of recording cylinders
Digital Mozart Edition
Choice Outstanding site; Must click an agreement which states: I agree to use this web site only for personal use under Fair Use principles of Copyright law
Early American Music and Its European Sources, 1589-1839: An Index
Indexes and expands on data in two microfiche sets: National Tune Index: 18th Century Secular Music and National Tune Index: Early American Wind and Ceremonial Music: 1636-1836.
Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music
Global Music Archive
Choice Highly Recommended site; multi-media reference archive and resource center for traditional and popular song, music, and dance of Africa and the Americas; Vanderbilt University
The Hector Berlioz Website
Choice Outstanding site; loads quickly and is meticulously updated; keyword searchable; also includes pertinent information on the general culture of his time
I Hear America Singing
Choice Outstanding site
International Alliance for Women in Music
J.S. Bach Home Page
Freely accessible database on the life and music of J.S. Bach; begun in 1995 and archived in 2010.
J.S. Bach: Texts of the Compete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary
University of Vermont
The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection
Choice Outstanding site; an index to a very comprehensive sheet music collection at Johns Hopkins University. It contains over 29,000 pieces of music and focuses on popular American music spanning the period 1780 to 1960
Ludwig van Beethoven's Website
a wide range of information, images, and MIDI and MP3 files
Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music 1870-1885
Library of Congress
intended for beginner's and the inexperienced; many aspects of basic music theory are covered, beginning with notational symbols and including meter, scales, keys, major and minor modes; and so on
The Mutopia Project
a volunteer-built, Web-based collection of musical scores; the content tends to derive from public domain editions of music from the Baroque, Classic, and Romantic eras. Also see: and WIMA : Werner Icking Music Archive.
On Opera: Met History
OperaGlass Stanford University
Operissmo Concertissimo
For the Met History no overall search engine exists, which means browsing in the hopes of finding; nevertheless opera fans will find this site enjoyable. The other sites linked here provide more usability, and in particular much broader scope than Met History. Operabase, for example indexes 30,000 performances, 35,000 artists and 600 opera companies in its database, while OperaGlass takes an in-depth look and Libretti and Source Texts, as well as Discographies and Role Creators. Operissimo specializes in tracking currently playing operas in most of the world's major opera venues. Opera lovers should explore all of the sites mentioned.
Petrucci Music Library
Choice Highly Recommended site; wiki-based repository of musical scores
Public Domain Music
Choice Highly Recommended site 
Smithsonian Folkways
The establishment of this online site has opened a new chapter in the Smithsonian's distinguished history. Users will find liner notes and audio samples from all musical and spoken word recordings issued by Folkways and its affiliates since Folkways' inception in 1948.
Southern Mosaic
Choice Highly Recommended site; American Memory Project; this site presents a multi-format ethnographic field collection from the John and Ruby Lomax 1939 southern states recording trip
The History of Jazz
from Scholastic
Smithsonian Jazz
slightly more limited site for specific K-12, but growing and evolving

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